Products - Is Your Environment Secure?


Secure cloud managed software defined network (SDN) solution for Internet of Things (IoT): Security WAB optimization, QoS, edge compute, protocol-adapter life-cycle management, and zero-touch provisioning.


Deep learning AI connects blockchain applications with disperate data sources to learn from past behaviours and anticipate/predict illicit activities, including: user behaviour, fraud and anomalies (unknowns).


Detects new forms of malware; proactively identifying and mitigating threats in near real time: malware is contained, decompiled, scrubbed, inoculated and destroyed across all network elements.


Continuous, big data (scalable) endpoint detection and response (EDR): monitoring and responding to threats via EP memory to allow for faster incident response to outsider and insider threats.

Waverly Labs

Software defined perimeter (SDP) provides an affordable alternative to current complex cyber frameworks: the ability to deploy perimeter functionality to isolate access to services from unsecure networks.

E8 Security

Machine learning AI with behavioral intelligence focus to identify presistent threats and prioritize those threats based on risk profile for greater mitigation efficiency.


Integrates structured & obstructured data to provide holistic visibility into nuanced human activity, patterns and longterm trends which comprise human risk.

Terbium Labs

Private fully automated data intelligence system. Can notify if trace data shows up where it shouldn't: fingerprint monitoring, data feeds and private search.