Cyber Security

Our cyber security experts have a deep understanding of every stage of the incident-management life cycle and are continually researching evolving IT security regulations, newly identified cyber threats and the latest security best practices.

End-to-End Cyber Security Services: Our trusted Information Assurance (IA) methodology integrates the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) INFOSEC Assessment Methodology (IAM), US federally mandated National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) guidelines, along with commercial compliance standards and governance.

Security & Risk Assessment: PNet helps reduce risk to critical business assets with a range of comprehensive security assessment, design and deployment offerings.

Application Security Assessment (ASA): PNet staffs engagements with experienced security consultants who have strong backgrounds in information security as well as software development, with a focus on application development.

Software Assurance (SwA): We have developed a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) Methodology; a rugged approach to the complete software development lifecycle.

Penetration Testing: Our Cyber Security professionals demonstrate the effectiveness of existing security measures by attempting to exploit discovered weaknesses following a proven methodology.

Cyber Analytics & Forensics: Our advanced cyber analytics tools, methods, tactics and techniques help organizations connect the dots within massive amounts of cyber risk data, identifying the trends, anomalies, and relationships that lead to a proactive and holistic approach to threat detection – available any time, from any location.

Security Training & Awareness: Our cyber training and awareness program leverages our labs and top cyber experts, forming a virtual breeding ground for ethical hackers, while educating the next generation of cyber warriors on the latest tools, methods, tactics and techniques.

IPv6: PNet provides IPv6 training, consulting and transition support. Whether or not your organization is using IPv6, it is exposed to new IPv6 specific threats. Our experts are available to help you through every stage of this process. Together, our team can help you build and execute the most cost-effective, low-risk plan to deal with this new and emerging threat.