Commercial Partners

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”

Bill Gates

Consultants / Resellers / Contractors

PerformanceNet Management Group, LLC. ("PNet") serves as a conduit for innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions into the Federal Government and the Fortune 1000.

PNet's exclusive relationships within centers of IT innovation, like the Silicon-Valley, ensure that clients are equipped with the best tools to lead their space. This enables client's to better preserve, improve and protect the health and function of their IT infrastructure (be it physical, virtual or cloud). Core competencies include: Life Cycle (Service) Management, Cloud/ITSM, Cybersecurity and Operational & Big Data Analytics.

PNet has strategically placed itself as a resource to its large government contracting partnerships to aid them in lowering operating costs and increase profitability by reducing infrastructure complexities and staffing demands -- all of which add up to improve the overall competitiveness of their value offering.

  • We Locate & Provide IT Solutions in Alignment with Federal Initiatives Surrounding Digital Transformation and InfoSecurity.
  • We Support the e-Gov Mission by Helping Prime Contractors Identify & Access Innovative Solutions.
  • We Keep Partners Abreast of New Crosscurrent Procurement Vehicles/Schedules.

While the macro drivers of the Public and Private sector are quite different, Fortune 1000 companies deal with many of the same (IT) pains that Federal agencies do. And, as a result of our successes, PNet has seen expanding interest from Commercial Enterprise.. With the government directing more and more of its resources towards managing its massive databases and cybersecurity risks, we have seen significant growth in the demand for products and services within the analytics and info-security space. And, where significant investment is made, innovation follows.

The Commercial space has had to pay more attention to the security of their corporate and customer information and to develop strategies to help them comply with the growing number of new cyber regulations (Law, Insurance, etc.). To cope with these pressures, many large entities are taking a serious look at what the Federal Government is doing to leverage technology and create effective risk management policies.

To meet this demand for innovation, we continue to look for partners who want to expand the value of their offering—be it Public or Private.

A Few Company Highlights

  • One Solution Suite runs critical infrastructure for one of the Federal Government's largest data centers with increasing interest by other agencies.

  • Multiple relationships with Venture Capital & Incubator Entities - currently sitting on 2 Venture Capital Advisory Boards.

  • Discovered 2 products 6+ months before their merit was recognized by the IT industry (Red Herring North American 100, for Promising Private Ventures).