Performance Management

At PerformanceNet we educate our clients on how to build and maintain their performance management program. This methodology is employed to ensure that the program will be relevant and will become an operating principle.


At PerformanceNet, we believe in using measurement as a management tool and have been delivering performance management and measurement services to government and commercial organizations for many years. Management cannot make “fact based decisions” when the necessary information is not available. Our goal is to provide our clients with the capabilities and tools required to measure, compare, monitor and communicate on performance throughout the organization. The techniques, tools and methodologies we employ have been honed over the past 25+ years and deliver immediate and long term value to our clients

Pursuing continuous improvement.

The pursuit of continuous improvement requires three basic elements.

  • The performance baseline needs to be established in order to know where the starting point is.
  • Measurable targets / goals / objectives must be set so the organization understands where it is headed.
  • Performance must be continuously monitored, measured and the results communicated clearly to illuminate progress.